Clif Queale, REALTOR®

Clifton Queale moved to Fredericton in 1993 with his family to continue in an organizational leadership career that moved him here. Since his spouse was from here it was like coming home. After several years of success in an organizational leadership career, Clifton switched gears and began helping people develop their skills in a career industry as a manager of teams of 30 people per team. Each team he took leadership of excelled in their areas of performance under his caring leadership. While helping people develop themselves he was able to establish some lifelong friends that exist to this day. Clifton has always focused on personal need and development of those he has been responsible for. Clifton enjoyed this career for 9 years until the company he served downsized and he along with other staff were given release packages to commend their service. Clifton being one to never back down from a challenge looked ahead to see what other service career he could enter that would impact people's lives by serving them and assisting them in their needs. Clifton realized that the biggest need anyone has and the biggest investment one would make is a home. With this in mind Clifton took it upon himself to pay for and train in Real Estate to help people in this area. Almost 13 years later and Clifton is going strong because he loves what he does, making dreams come true. In fact his business motto is, "Opening the door to your future!"

After serving another local company for almost 6 years Clifton made the switch to Keller Williams Capital Reality. "It just seemed like the right time and the right fit for me." The last seven years Clifton has continued to grow and develop his business one seller/buyer at a time and is appreciative of the referrals he receives, referrals make up 70+ % in aiding sellers sell their homes and 90+% referrals in aiding first time buyers find a home.

Clifton's lovely wife Janice supports him fully. Clifton is a family man with 4 children, their spouses and sons and 5 grandchildren. Family is very important to him.

Clifton Queale loves this business and don't be surprised if you receive a phone call from him or a knock at your door, he is very active at personalizing his business through these methods. Or you might find him at the gym, cycling, or hanging out or collecting for the local food bank. He is very active in our city, Oromocto and all surrounding areas. He is also a certified member of Brookfield so he is able to take care of our military people’s needs as well.

Communication is key to Clifton and he ensures both sellers and buyers are contacted regularly throughout the selling/buying process. In both his meeting with buyers and sellers he stresses his deep commitment to high quality service and communication.

Dear Friends,
Whether you are buying and or selling, moving close or far away, it is my goal to provide you with the utmost service during every step of the process. I am a person of high standards and I expect much from myself and from those who work with me to see your dreams come true. It is my desire that when we view homes, sign the papers and I hand you the key, that the house you chose to offer on will be made in to a wonderful home. All the best to you and your family.

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